Comments on Hide the Word

Hi! I just want to thank you for Hide The Word! These CDs are awesome (and I use use that word very sparingly--but this is God's Word, so it deserves it)! The music is great, the singing is very good, but most importantly, it is an amazingly useful way to memorize Scripture (and especially the references, which are difficult sometimes).

I have four kids (10, 6, and twin 2s), and they all love these CDs. They are always singing these songs (well, the twins just dance!). When I'm doing things around the house, I'll have it playing in the background to interrupt my anxious thoughts with the truth of God's Word!

It's like I'm reading the Bible all day long, no matter what I'm doing! I cannot stop telling people about these CDs! Thank you for this wonderful tool! I will be "forever grateful"!

~ Amber, Memphis, Tenessee

Just got A Ransom for Many as my father's day present. This is my fourth Hide the Word CD. I want to get them all, they rock! Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit and making these resources available, I find them so helpful!

I really enjoyed Jeremiah 29:11, so please share this with Stephen. I also dig the electric guitar on Isaiah 30:18 and Isaiah 53:5 is definitely enjoyable. And it's so important to incorporate the verse location in the song. It seemed awkward at first, but I've since heard other memorization music that didn't have the verse and I sometimes want to go find the Scripture but I cannot do so without a concordance handy. Someone else remarked to me that they also preferred Hide the Word for that reason.

My all-time favorite, musically speaking, is 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 because the bridge reminds me of the bridge of one of my favorite 80's songs "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." Of course the lyrics are much better :-) Listening to it is nostalgic, but it's especially great because I know I'm hearing God's very Word of encouragement for my personal evangelism and how to train my family. So it's a double blessing.

I've been telling people about these CDs; I think all Christians need something like this.

Certainly we all ought to memorize Scripture. There have been times that the Spirit has brought to mind Scriptures that I'd memorized in moments of need (just like He said would happen).

I thank God for you! Praying for you now, that you have great success with the CDs you've already produced. I hope the Spirit leads you to produce many more CDs.

~ Chris

My wife Anna and I would like to thank you, Stacy, Rochelle, Chris, Stephen and the others we don't know about for your great work of grace. What a tremendous blessing Hide the Word has been to us! God is so awesome and we love Him infinitely so much more because of your faithful, diligent labors.

Since learning of Hide the Word last summer, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of each new album. I ordered them all and have really grown to love the last four now. My wife and I were in Thailand when the new one came out. I was so excited to come back to States to hear the new melodies that God had given you!

Every song is award-winning and I play them for all who come my way. God-willing, I will be fishing again in Alaska soon and heralding Hide The Word on the boat. I love it--God's omnipotent Word going out like a bull horn--in class!

We are so grateful.

~ A Fisherman in Alaska

I want to thank you for your Hide The Word CDs, they are a wonderful blessing to our family.

When my daughters were little I used to play Hide Them in Your Heart songs for kids. Now that they are in their teens I wanted scripture songs with music they would enjoy more, and found your series. I immediately ordered the six CDs! They are wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement. I play a CD while doing stretching exercises early in the morning and enjoy every minute of it, the whole family sing them in the car, a verse at a time until we memorize it, it's so much fun and encouraging to experience the miracle of the living Word of God in song!

Please keep producing more CDs.

God bless you!

~ Claudia, Houston, TX

In his book, The Cross Centered Life - Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing, author CJ Mahaney lists many practical steps for keeping our daily life centered on the Cross of Christ and his atoning work on our behalf. One of these practical steps is to store up or "hide" God's Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11). He does not stop there but goes on to encourage "strategic Scripture memorization" or memorizing those Scriptures that specifically speak of the Gospel message and the Son of God who gave his own life in our place.

A Ransom for Many is one of the finest compilations of Cross-centered Scriptures available. If you are like me, remembering the last ten CD's you listened to is easy, or singing a song you have not heard for ten years without missing a word or note comes pretty easily, but trying to recall the last ten Scriptures you read during your quiet time is difficult at best. Music is a wonderful gift from God and when it is music that brings glory to our Savior it is the best!

Let me encourage you to make Hide the Word part of your regular worship music diet. Since purchasing A Ransom for Many about six months ago, my six and three year-old daughters request playtime of this CD at least once a week. For the first two months, we listened to this CD almost every day. Driving in the car, my wife and I quote a Scripture passage and see if our girls can sing the verse from the CD. Now when I hear someone reference 2 Corinthians 5:21 a tune quickly comes to mind and I know this verse. Or 1 John 3:1 - my three year-old's favorite, comes right to mind; or Ephesians 2:4-5 - my six year-old's favorite.

Mark Altrogge has provided us with the Hide the Word series, and if you use this as the means of grace it is, it can transform your ability to memorize Scripture. What a tremendous gift it is to be in the midst of a struggle and not just recall a Scripture that quiets your heart but then to be able to go to the next level and with that same Scripture on your tongue, break into worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

~ Tom Sturgeon, KingsWay Community Church, Richmond, Virginia

We have been listening to the four CD's we purchased from you recently and we are enjoying them very much! It seems that the more you listen the more they grow on you. What a wonderful calling you have received from God to publish His Word! The Word Himself says you are in great company when you do that. Keep up the great work! I especially like your song 2 Corinthians 5:21 on A Ransom for Many. Thanks again for the wonderful music.

~ Richard P.

I am so thankful for the Hide the Word series! Let me tell you how Refuge and Strength has served my family.

Last December my grandfather passed away. In the last few days of his life, his health was failing and, though he was a believer, his faith was weak. As I spent time ministering to his physical and spiritual needs, the verses from your CD came to mind. Not only did I have the precious words of Scripture easily accessible in my mind, but I also knew the references so that I could read the passages aloud. I watched the Lord strengthen my grandfather and prepare him for entrance into heaven through the ministry of the Word. Your CD was a great tool in that ministry!

As we listen regularly to your CD in the car, we have noticed that the words of Scripture have been seeping into the minds of our children as well. How wonderful it is to hear my four year-old talk about Numbers 23:19 as "my song"! What better truth could I give my young son than the promise of that verse, that God will always keep His promise?

God's grace to you!

~ Wade, Exton, PA

My husband--75 years old--is now completely bedfast, and I feed him through a tube in his stomach. I wanted your CDs so I could play them and get the word of God into him. May the Lord bless you and your work. He listens to the CDs. How do I know? He doesn't tell me to turn them off. Also, I learn them and sing them to get the Word in my heart. They are a real blessing. I like the fact you put the book, chapter, and verse in with the song because singing them with the verse helps me to remember them.

~ S

I just wanted to let you know that I love A Ransom for Many and Refuge and Strength. We have started using them in family worship with our children. We sit together and listen then sing (and sometimes dance!). Our oldest son (five years old) calls it the "cool" bible music and asks for it in the car. For me, the music is hip and fun--and it is so helpful having the book, chapter and verse included in the lyrics! I'll turn it on while I'm working around the house and will often feel called to stop and pray about the words He is writing on my heart! I have also begun taking the time to look up the passages and really understand the full context of these verses, which helps me own it even more. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

~ Jen, Tampa, Florida

We recieved the CDs today. Thank you so much! I'm sure we'll be giving one as a Christmas present and sharing these Scripture songs with friends.

We listened to them together. It's hard to decide our favorite ones. They are all wonderful and are some of our family's life verses.

~ Beth, Steve, Benjamin, and Zackery